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Kimberly Nero Portoro

Kimberly Nero Portoro

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The Kimberly coffee table stands out with its versatile design, consisting of four individual pieces that come together to create a unique and functional table. This innovative approach allows for different configurations and usage possibilities, making it a dynamic and adaptable piece of furniture.

The fact that the Kimberly coffee table comes in four separate pieces means you can arrange them in various ways to suit your needs and preferences. For example, you can keep them close together to form a traditional coffee table, or you can spread them out and use them as separate side tables. This versatility enables you to change the layout of your living space whenever you desire, giving you more freedom in designing and decorating your room.

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Please enquire via email for further information when ordering a bespoke piece or custom sizing. Please note that due to the work's handmade nature, color and texture variations are expected

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