Terms & Conditions


  • Details provided in quote are as interpreted by the Sales consultant, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure items detailed in quote are accurate. Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any dimensions or measurements furnished to it by purchasers (or any person on their behalf) in respect of areas upon which it’s product will be fixed to.
  • Any Variation to the details or quantities provided in this quote (Including but not limited to measurements, Type of Product, Installation style or installation requirements) will result in a variation to the Quoted price.
  • Unless otherwise stated this quote does not include the removal of existing benchtops.
  • Unless otherwise stated this Quote is based on two Site visits one for a final Check Measure and one for installation. Should additional site visits be required due to site access, incomplete joinery, change of detail or Appliances not on-site additional costs will apply.
  • Any off-cuts are entitled to you as the client however a request for these pieces should be given at the time of invoice issue and noted on the invoice should you wish to keep any off-cuts. These Off-cuts can be held at the Factory until such a time as that they are required
  • Unless otherwise stated this quote only allows for standard access (Single Storey, No Stairs) – should there be additional stairs or difficult access as determined by our staff – there will be additional costs to be quoted on inspection.
  • Should our Estimator arrive to the site and the access prevents a standard delivery and a Crane is required. This cost will be charged to the Purchaser.
  • It is the advice of Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD that brick walls where a splashback is to be installed are rendered before installation.


  • The Purchaser will be sent photos or view the product before it is installed. The Purchaser must sign off and with authority to deliver their goods. We do not take responsibility for any change of mind or changes to the stone once delivered. 
  • The Purchaser must be present at all site visits including measuring and Installation to sign off on works completed, if client cannot be present at the arranged time a suitable representative must be designated on-site with authority to approve all details discussed.
  • All work sites must comply with industry standards regarding safety. Should a site not comply with these standards as determined by our staff. Our staff without warning will leave the site until all safety concerns are addressed and resolved. Additional site visits charges will apply.
  • Installation of stone may require cutting/sanding polishing on-site. As such we recommend that precautions be made to protect any property that may be on-site, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover any property prior to installers arrival. We also recommend keeping any plastic covers on cabinetry until after stone installation complete.
  • Any concerns with installation quality or defects in stone should be presented to the Installers at the time of installation. After the time of installation all responsibility in relation to defects or quality of installation is at the ownness of the purchaser.
  • Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD will not be liable for any damage, stain, etching occurred after the time of installation.
  • The Material Installed by Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD has had a defect covered under the Terms of the Manufacturer of the stone.


Natural stone:

  • All Natural Stone slabs are a gift of Mother Nature. As a result, it is inherent characteristic of all these natural formed products that there will be variations in colour, Shade, Pattern, Veining and Texture. The stone may also have pits, fissures, cracks and fragmentation which are not apparent in samples or in previous installations. It is the responsibility of the client to inspect the selected slab for all imperfections.
  • Natural Stone is porous, and the level of porosity will vary from one stone to another. Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD at the time of installation will Seal the stone using a Penetrating sealer (Sealing provides partial but not absolute protection against staining), this sealant will need to be re-applied and maintained by the owner.
  • We recommend Warm water and a mild detergent or neutral cleaners to be used for Cleaning natural stone, should any another product be used, and cause staining and/or discolouration Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD will not be liable for damage caused to stone due to inappropriate cleaning Products/Methods.
  • When a slab is Purchased a batch is selected and any slab from this batch will be used for your job – Should you wish to select the exact slab an additional appointment will need to be booked with the factory for a weekday to select the individual slab.
  • In cases where Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD is not the supplier of the stone, they will not responsible for any imperfections in the stone causing it to crack or damage in any way during fabrication & installation.



  • Vein matching is always our highest concern – however due to slab sizes and Benchtop configuration this is not always possible.
  • Unless stated on the invoice, Book matching is not included. This is an additional service that requires more Fabrication as such should the purchaser request Book matching this is to be explicitly noted in the invoice and an additional cost applied.
  • Joins will be sealed with as close a colour match as readily available – size of join will vary between 1-2mm however this is subject to change as per the Installers recommendations.
  • Final position of joins is to be discussed and finalised at check measure. Due to restrictions to slab sizes / cabinet layout however this is subject to change – all changes are to be confirmed with the client in writing.


Acceptance of Disclaimer:

By placing any order and Finalising the first payment, the purchaser agrees that they have read and fully Understood the disclaimer terms and agrees to be bound by them.

By Placing the order, The Purchaser confirms that:

  1. Has read and Understood this disclaimer.
  2. Has had the major risks relevant to purchasing and installing stone products adequately explained; and
  3. Authorises Jarrett & Co. PTY LTD to Supply and Deliver stone product cognisant of all such risks.

By Purchasing our Goods/Services you agree to the following conditions:

Payment Terms:
I hereby approve to the following progress payment schedule noting that the project cannot progress into the next stage without finalisation of the payment.

  • First Payment (Due at Invoice issue) 50% (including GST) of the total cost of the invoice. We do not offer 50% refund once the stone is selected and held 
  • Second Payment (Due on Delivery/Day of Installation) 50% of the total cost of the Fabrication and Installation.