Jarrett & Co. INSIDER SERIES 3


Kent Based interior designer Sophia Fanciulli, talks to Jarrett & Co. about her journey of interiors in London. 


Can you tell us about your interior path? 

My path into interior design started recently during the pandemic as I turned to social media to document the design process behind my own home renovation. The pandemic was a real time for reflection and made me realise how important it is to give your time to what really matters in your life, aside from family and friend my greatest passion was very clearly interiors and it was that time away from my 9-5 job that made me realise that now's as good a time as any to make that career change and take that leap into the world of interiors. 



When it comes to choosing stone, which is your favorite?  

Such a hard question, I could name so many that I love for different reasons but if I had to pick one I would say Travertine, I love the warmth and appearance of texture it gives. A stone that goes with all colour schemes and almost all design styles. 



Design is an extension of who we are, it’s very personal. What advice do you give your clients when choosing a piece? 

Firstly I would say invest in quality and a piece that will travel through the decades with you, a timeless design that speaks to you. I always say find a favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe, as what you like to wear is most likely what will feel right for you in your interiors choices too.



What makes a house a home to you? 

Creating a space that you miss when you aren’t there. A house is just the shell in which gives us shelter, a home is somewhere that you emotionally feel you are meant to be, a place that is functional to your needs and filled with all your favourite things around you.



Your favorite designer? 

Kelly Wearstler - Her incredible use of colour, texture and form really pushes the boundaries in design but always gives a space so many layers to enjoy and admire. Every Kelly Wearstler design tells a story that you can get lost in for hours.



Finally, is there a project that has really stood out in terms of flexing your design know-how? 

I would have to say my own home - we have been renovating it for the past 3 years and during the project I have learnt so much about the full design process from designing the build to all the finishing touches and smaller details - this project has given me the opportunity to define my own style and take my time to carefully source special pieces for my home that represent me and my vibe.


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