Jarrett & Co. INSIDER SERIES 4


Where did your passion for design come from?  

An early age!  When I was 12, my parents popped out for dinner and when they returned, I had moved out all my furniture, ripped up my carpet, pulled all the nails out and reconfigured my room.  My Aunt was a very prominent Interior Designer in the 60's in Spain, so it seems to be in my blood! 



Your biggest design influences? 

Being Spanish, I'd have to say Gaudi!  His use of organic shapes, unusual form and raw textures have been a big influence in my design work.




When it comes to choosing stone, which is your favourite? 

100% Limestone for its durability, organic look and being a sustainable product.  Otherwise I also love natural un-honed travertine...its imperfections and range of colours are extensive.  




Design is an extension of who we are, it’s very personal. What advice do you give your clients when choosing a piece?

Choose one hero/classic piece for your room and use that as your inspiration for the design of what is to go around it.  

Try and use sustainable, authentic design pieces so that they don't end up in landfill a year later!




Is there a career highlight that has pushed your work to another level? 

Each project I take on is a highlight, though initial recognition of my work came from working on a Group of Safari lodges in Africa....word quickly spread and now we consult globally and design and manufacture Interior decor for some of the most influential people and also just the person next door....all treated equally!




What makes a house a home to you?

A calming aesthetic, warmth and lots of candles




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